Great Spiritualists and Friends

Charles Beaconsfield Siddle (1924 - 2000)
Institution / Country:The Charles Siddle Foundation for Animal Healing - England

Charles Siddle passed over on 26 December 2000. His life was devoted to the welfare and healing of animals, to him every animal was special. He used his exceptional gift of healing selflessly, caring for all creatures brought to him. Respected and revered by the equestrian world, his loving presence around is no doubt still sensed by animals and owners alike. A love of animals is a family trait, Charles' brother David created and runs the renowned chimpanzee sanctuary in Zambia.

Charles' gift for healing was perceived and encouraged by the famous veterinary surgeon, Buster Lloyd-Jones. When Buster departed mortal life some years ago he channelled his healing powers through Charles, becoming his spirit guide. Together they gave healing to thousands of animals both at home and abroad.

Charles' success with the healing of animals, and in many cases their owners too, was phenomenal. With his compassion and dedication, so many sick animals have regained full health, whilst others whose time was nearing an end on this Earth were given healing to give them freedom from pain, allowing them to live their last days with dignity. In his lifetime Charles healed all kinds of animals including domestic pets, farm and wild animals and of course dogs and horses of every description.

It was fitting and appropriate that at his passing he was surrounded by his beloved horses and was in the company of Felicity. Healing was a vocation for Charles Siddle, devoting his time to healing, practising at clinics around the country and facilitating workshops nation wide. He was proposing to establish a centre for healing with the help and assistance of Felicity Wilson, his trusted friend and colleague. Charles made it clear in his Last Will and Testament that his work must continue and grow, and his expressed wish was that Felicity Wilson, whose gift for healing he wholly acknowledged, would continue with his work as his chosen successor.

The essence of this great animal healer continues

His love and guidance still surrounds the work of The Beacon, which grows with his wisdom and devotion.