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Findlay, Arthur (1883 - July 1964)
Institution / Country:Arthur Findlay College - Stansted, Essex, England

From the Arthur Findlay College:

Stansted Hall, built in 1871, was bequeathed to the Spiritualists' National Union under the will of J. Arthur Findlay, MBE, JP, a former Honorary President of the Union, and in accordance with his wishes is administered by the Union as a College for the advancement of Psychic Science.

Mr Findlay bought the estate in 1923 upon his retirement from business and first mooted the idea of a Spiritualist College at Stansted to the Union in 1945. After personal contacts with three successive Union Presidents a will was drawn up and in 1954 the National Council accepted the proposed bequest of Stansted Hall with an endowment. This was followed by a later gift in the form of stock to be used for furnishing and decorating, and in 1964, a year after the death of his wife, Mr Findlay transferred the Hall, grounds and endowment to the Union. Mr Findlay passed to the higher life in July 1964.


From arthur-findlay.com:

Arthur Findlay OBE 1883-1964 was a student of comparative religion from the age of seventeen, his parent were staunch Christians and burned his library of books to discourage his inquiry. He was a hard headed business man a retired Glasgow Accountant and Stockbroker and Essex Magistrate.

In 1919 he met John Sloan a direct or independent voice medium who had the rare gift that enables those who have died to materialise their vocal organs and thus vibrate our atmosphere. Once convinced of the reality of this phenomena he sat alone with with Sloan with only his stenographer present and discussed by question and answer information provided by advanced inhabitants of that finer dimension.

From these discussions he established that the human personality survives death unchanged. He confirmed that Gods were human inventions, primitive people imagined that all apparitions were Gods, which accounts for their number and savage nature. He confirmed that the etheric body was the real enduring body controlled by mind unaffected by its transition. In the 1920s scientists discovered that matter was not solid but consisted of atoms which have been further reduced to particles or waves and Findlay showed just as broadcast waves exist unaffected by each other so the etheric world interpenetrated this world and was just beyond our perception.


From Wikipedia:

List of Arthur Findlay's books about Spiritualism:
- The Edge Of The Etheric, 1931, in which Findley examines the theory that spirits are linked to subatomic physics.
- The Way Of Life
- The Unfolding Universe
- The Psychic Stream, 1939
- Where Two Worlds Meet, 1951, about Findley's encounters with the medium John Sloan.
- Looking Back

And about other religions:
- The Rock Of Truth, 1933, a history of the persecution of mediums by Christianity
- The Curse of Ignorance Volumes I and II, 1947, a history of Christianity
- The Effect Of Religion On History (Booklet)
- A History of Mankind Volumes I and II