Great Spiritualists and Friends

Barbanell, Maurice (d 1981)
Institution / Country:The Spiritual Truth Foundation - England

From the Spiritual Truth Foundation:

Maurice Barbanell was the founder and editor of a weekly Spiritualist newspaper, Psychic News, and for half a century devoted his life to spreading spiritual knowledge through its columns and those of other publications with which he was associated.

With the encouragement of a famous Fleet Street journalist Hannen Swaffer, Barbanell founded Psychic News partly as a vehicle for Silver Birch's teachings. But, because he knew he would be criticised for publishing his own mediumship in his own newspaper, Barbanell did not reveal to his readers for many years who was channelling the wisdom, by which time the guide had a huge following on his own merits.

Silver Birch spoke regularly at Barbanell's home circle and the proceedings were always recorded shorthand.

Those who knew them both were well aware of the differences in the way they spoke and the words they used. They both had spiritual missions and they fulfilled them admirably, particularly when working together in their unique two-world partnership. This, as you will discover, has provided inspirational answers to the questions we all ask, from time to time, about life and its purpose. They are needed now more than ever before as we prepare for the challenges that confront us in the 21st century.

The Spiritual Truth Foundation
Is a charity set up by Trust Deed in April 1965 by Maurice Barbanell and a group of friends for the promotion & advancement of the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism.

See the Foundation's series of 15 books called The Teachings from Silver Birch whose wisdom was channeled through Maurice Barbanell.