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An interesting article about Teleportation
By:Old Buddah
Date: 22 January 2017

I just discovered by chance a new post on this site by Jock Brocas (on the Magazines & Blogs page) that provides a link to an interesting article called TELEPORTATION IN SCIENCE AND PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP – THEN AND NOW (link below). The author describes various experiences of teleportation of people and animals including the "Philadelphia Experiment" (US, 1943), the on-demand "apport" of well-known Medium Mrs Guppy (1870), the energy-based teleportation of spirit visitors, and his own family's experience with the missing hamster:

"Moments later, Sandra saw a small patch of bright, shimmering light appear just in front of her on the kitchen unit – in full light – and noticed that this was beginning to form into the semi-translucent outline of a hamster. The outline intensified and became more solid until the hamster was back totally – completely solid and suffering no after effects from his ‘adventure’. The way the hamster came back was very reminiscent of the ‘teleportation scenes’ in the TV programme ‘Startrek’, when ‘Scotty beamed them up’!!

It reminds me of the experiences shared on this site by David Rogers where he talks about his mother, a friend called Steve and a gold spirit all making their physical appearances at his place.

I find this type of reporting to simply be fascinating.

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