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Re: Need help in letting go
By:Old Buddah
Date: 9 January 2017
In Response To: Need help in letting go (Bruxist)

That's a tough one because it goes deep into the psyche.

On a more superficial level, I am sure you have tried recordings of hypnotherapy like http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/health-issues/teeth-grinding - You are probably evolved enough, though, to have already realized that hypnosis is simply someone else giving you permission to be OK; if you are evolved enough, you don't need to be given permission, you give yourself permission. I think this is what you are saying in your question "failure at the deepest level of my body to let go": you know it's a matter of decision.

I would say that the failure to let go does not reside in your body; it resides in your soul (I am quite sure this is what you meant to say). There is a decision to be OK that you have not yet made in your soul. I would suggest a deep meditation on the following topic: try to isolate, one by one, the areas of your soul where you have given yourself permission to be OK, and the areas where you have not yet imposed your decision to be OK. And find the area that is symbolized by the tensing of your jaws. I believe tensing of the jaws is only a symbol of the tension you feel at the soul level between two values that seem opposite. Bring all that to the level of your conscious awareness. And work on it at that level. Be patient, the whole thing is the work of a lifetime, but isolating the area that expresses itself as bruxism should be feasible in a couple of deep meditations. Ask for inspiration, something like "I am open to be inspired as to what aspect of my destiny that I presently try to block from happening". Keep us posted of your progress.

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