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Psychopaths can feel empathy... For animals
By:Just wondering
Date: 7 January 2017

My understanding of what differentiates a psychopath from the rest of the population is that they don't have empathy for others. This is why, for example, they cannot love.

But a case - and I am sure there are many - bothers me: I recently saw a photo of Hitler (a typical psychopath) lovingly patting his dog (and the dog looked very happy beside him); he was known to love his dogs. Before that photo, I had always used a dog's reaction as a way to measure the goodness of a person.

So.... the soul is compartmentalized? The vibes of a compartment can be low, the vibes of another compartment can be high?

Another aspect of the same question: I was once part of a closed spiritualist development circle where some members (nice old ladies who do spirit rescue) told us that they had opened a discussion with two notorious psychopaths of recent history (some serial killers, I forgot the details) that were in the Spirit World. And the nice ladies of course asked why did you torture and kill so many innocent children. The answers came in the same vein for both killers (who were "interrogated" separately, on separate occasions): they both essentially said that killing innocent people was a task that they had been offered in the Spirit World before their last incarnation and that they accepted to do. The purpose of their job - you won't like it - was to make other people on earth discover deeper aspects of love. For example, the horrible experience of a parent who had realized that their child was tortured, mutilated and killed was to gain access to a very elevated plane from where they can see love as different from the more instinctual reflex of a mother for her child for example. Having lost their link to a love level that is relatively easy to access for most people, they had to - very reluctantly and with rage - look for a higher level of love that they would have never thought possible/did not know existed: They had to elevate themselves above the body and find love in spirit.

Any comments out there?