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Re: SRF bye bye, but Yogananda snif...
By:Old Buddah
Date: 5 January 2017
In Response To: SRF bye bye, but Yogananda snif... (Follower)

It's always OK to leave a spiritual path when it no longer fits your needs.

No guilt: Yogananda won't suffer because you no longer attend the SRF celebrations, no matter how many good things you think you owe him. And you can always connect with him on your own, during a meditation: You don't need a group of people in order to achieve that (I talk from experience).

I once heard the Yogananda followers being called "bliss ninnies": Followers (I keep using this word purposefully) gather, they bring their feelings to the same vibratory level as they go through very repetitive singing for up to an hour at a time (it makes you numb, you noticed?), and after a while, they experience bliss. You might be missing that. It's a pleasant high. It's like the feeling you get after you eat 3 portions of chocolate cake. If you are after bliss, or after chocolate, you miss them for a while when you try to cut them off, it's understandable.

Now here is the essence of my message: Yogananda is a good guy, but if you feel that his movement is like a straight jacket for you, just free yourself, with love (through a loving visualization for example, send him Light, and move on).

Here is a trick: During a meditation, try to feel the difference between bliss and direct contact with spirit. In my opinion, this difference is key to your freedom.

You might still have some remnants of the state of mind of the follower. But being on your own will reward you in so many ways that you will soon lose the longing for the tribe (we all belong to tribes at some times, to various degrees), you will cherish your direct and free contacts with Spirit and the unlimited capabilities that a free mind has to offer.

Good luck to you!

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