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Booze and spirituality
By:Meditating Girl
Date: 5 January 2017

I was told in the development circles of the good old spiritualist centres not to drink coffee before meditating. I had to be 100% present, no stimulants, dear...

I did that during many years.

Now that I can fly on my own, I go where I find Spirit. I noticed in the last couple of years that when I have a beer, I relax more. I can easily become "child-like" and open to spirit: my contact with spirit is easy and devoid of the hidden agendas that I otherwise often keep in the back of my mind (like: Spirit, please bring me prosperity, please bring me love....).

Any of you heard of the "Don Juan" teachings of the 1960's about Mexican mushrooms that open the soul? I am not talking about that. I am just talking about having a beer before a meditation.

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