Harmonic Healing
Also:Vibrational - Harmonic Therapy

The alternative healing introduction of harmonic forks, which vibrate in accordance with whatever discord they encounter within the patient’s body are excellent for general well being to chakra balancing. [...] there are actually some very plausible scientific reasons why and how the therapeutic application of harmonic vibration can, and ‘does’ have a very profound effect upon our bodies.

Ultrasound is the process of directing sound waves into the body. These sound waves then bounce off and produce a visual map, representing the inner terrain of the person being scanned ‘inner’ body. In a similar way, the resonating waves produced by the harmonic tuning forks bounce off the body, thus providing the ‘user’ an auditory map of whatever area is being scanned. If there is disorder—be it is from pain... for example possibly arthritis, indigestion, strong emotions, or such. That disorder can be heard in the tone being produced. For example, passing of a harmonic fork over of a joint that may have arthritis will result in a “fuzzy” quality being produced by the harmonic tone.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is the process of using sound waves to break up kidney stones. In a similar manner, the tones from harmonic tuning forks break up areas of tight muscles and stagnant energy. Restore a healthy energy flow to the area and the body in general.

Author: Leslie, UK Psychic Medium and Healer