Akashic Records
Also:Library containing all the thoughts and knowledge of the universe, past, present and future

The Akashic Records are believed to be a sort of library in a plane of existence not accessible to ordinary people. This library contains all the thoughts and knowledge of the universe

The word Akashic comes from the word Akasha, which is Sanskrit for ether, space or sky. Many mystics describe the Akashic Records as being the collective thoughts and consciousness of all people. This collective consciousness is like an ordered filing system where every thought, action and event that has happened, is happening or will happen is recorded.

Altered states
Access is gained through an altered state of consiousness
To gain access to the Akashic Records, a mystic (psychic or clairvoyant) must change or alter their state of consciousness. Receptive states of consciousness include meditation, sickness, dream state, or a drug-induced state. In these states, the mind is open and receptive.

Since it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove an intangible thing like the Akashic Records, scientists are skeptical that such a thing exists.

The ancients used the Akashic Records
It is believed by many that the Akashic Records have been used in ancient times and that Egyptians, Tibetans, Indians, Greeks, Mayans, Druids, Chinese and Christians knew about and used the Records for predictions and advice. Nostradamus said he used the Akashic Records to draw up his book of prophecies.

Recent mystics
In more recent times, an assortment of men and women have said they regularly accessed the Akashic Records. This roster of modern mystics includes Edgar Cayce who went into a trance to get access, Charles W. Leadbeater, Max Heindel, Manly P. Hall and Annie Besant.

Author: Gemma Argent