Akashic Records: What They Are
Also:Universal Filing System, Collective Unconsciousness

Mysticism and the magical have always held a certain, intriguing lure for the curious. The ruins of Atlantis, the contents of the library of Alexandria, and even the secret lore of the masonic orders are all curious tales. One of these terms though, which is different than most laymen would guess, is the akashic records.

The akashic records are said to be a universal filing system that has recorded every word spoken, every thought ever had, and every action ever taken. Other terms applied to it have been the collective unconsciousness, or the cosmic unconsciousness.

The akashic records are said to be transcribed onto a substance called akasha by the universe. In Hindu mysticism, akasha is supposedly the primary element of nature of which the other four--earth, fire, wind and water--are formed.

It's theorized by yogi holy men that anyone can read the akashic records. Certain states of sleep, sickness, weakness, meditation, and drug use can induce the proper state of mind needed to read them.

Famous Ties
One of the most famous people who claimed to be interpreting the akashic records was the American mystic Edgar Cayce. While in a trance, Cayce's subconscious would supposedly interact with the greater, collective subconscious of the universe.

The concept of the akashic records is very similar to the idea of the collective unconscious proposed by Carl Jung. Though from a religious instead of a scientific bent, the two concepts are remarkably similar.

Author: Neal Litherland