Also:Paranormal tansportation

The Mystica.com:
Materialized objects produced by mediums during Spiritualistic seances. These objects can range from flowers, jewelry, and even live animals. The production of the apports was and is still one of the most prominent and effective aspects of the seances. Their behavior vary from flying through the air, to hitting the sitters in their faces, to landing on the table or in people's laps. A favorite is to scatter perfume over the audience. Production of apports is one of the most puzzling and exciting aspects of Spiritualism. The objects vary in size, are both inanimate and animate, and seem to suffer no ill effects from their strange mode of travel.


According to Wikipedia, a synomym to apport is "teleportation": Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one point to another, more or less instantaneously, either by paranormal means or through technological artifice. Similar is "apport", an earlier word used to describe what today might be called teleportation; and bilocation, in which an individual or object is said to be, or appears to be, located in two distinct places at the same instant in time.