Natural Law
Also:The way the universe works

From the web site of the the Spiritualist Society of Barrie:

As Spiritualists, we believe in Natural Law.

This is understood, not as a prescriptive resource from which we can discern a set of moral, or ethical, rules to be applied everywhere, and in all circumstances. Rather, it is a descriptive account of the way in which the Universe "works'. This is why Natural Law is eternal and universal. It is operative in all dimensions and in all times. We have a choice to work with the laws - thus developing spiritual maturity, or against them which will result in stifling that growth.

Natural Laws include:
- The Law of Cause and Effect
- The Law of Attraction
- The Law of Vibration
- The Law of Continuity
- and The Law of Harmony
to name but just a few.

This understanding of Natural Law also frees the Spiritualist from depending upon, relying upon, or waiting for, miracles (understood as irruptions into the natural world from a divine source outside of it). Instead, by understanding and utilizing the Laws, humans are enabled create their own reality, giving full power to the principle of Personal Responsibility.