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f - Mikhail Baryshnikov dancing in the movie White Night (1985)
Music: "Koni Priveredlivye" by Vladimir Vysotsky

From poster wreckageofjessi on youtube:
"I think part of her crying was also because Vysotsky was banned music. Right before the dance he talks about how he was able to go and dance to these songs that she won't get to do because they are banned there. So i think it's a combo of watching him dance beautifully and dance something she might never see again."

Translation of Vladimir Vysotsky's song by poster anurturedsoul on youtube:
Galina was also sad that Nikolai was planning to defect again and she would never see him again because she refused to go. The song is also sad. Here is a rough translation in a few posts.

By the cliff, along the precipice, right over deadly ground,
With the whip, I strike my steeds; strike them hard to urge them forward.
I am getting short on air, gulp the haze, drink the wind, yet
With a fatal rapture, sensing: I am done for, I am done for!

Slow down a bit my horses, slow down, please!
Don't you listen to my stinging thong!
But the horses -- just my luck! -- are so hard to please!
Neither lived I so long, nor will I finish this song...
I will let horses drink, I'll complete this refrain,
Just a little bit more I will stay on the brink...

I will vanish from the Earth, swept by a storm like fluffy feather;
At a gallop, in the morning by the snow they'll drag me over
Can't you please prolong my journey to the end of my tether?
Can't you ease your dash, my horses, carry on a little slower?

(The Chorus Slow Down...)

Just on time - one can't be late arriving at God's quarters!
Why do the angels over there sound like some nasty mortals?
Or, perhaps, it's just a sleigh-bell that's gone mad and burst out sobbing,
Or it's me shouting at my steeds to slow down my sled from dashing.

According to the same poster, the title of this song by Russian singer and poet Vladimir Vysotsky is "Koni Priveredlivye" (or "Fastidious Horses")

(source: youtube link below)