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Power Animal Jewellery and Affirmation Cards
Offered by:SHIRLEY MEAR <shirleymear@btinternet.com>

Sitting as an independent deep trance medium of Shamanic tradition I have scribed works of philosophy on behalf of The Tribe of The Standing Bear from The Realms of Spirit. As part of that philosophy, The Tribe have offered a set of 50 personal Affirmations bringing Words of Healing for The Broken Heart of Man so that you might select a card at random as often as you chose and the Words which are offered to you, in your hour of sorrow, self-doubt or need for reassurance, come to you direct from The Realms of Spirit to comfort, uphold and encourage you upon your pathway. The Affirmations are not words of inspiration from me - they Words of Healing from The Realms of Spirit Who wish each Heart to be Healed, that in turn we might come to truly love ourselves through that healing and thereby offer our words of comfort to our brothers and sisters so heal the heart which beats beside us.

I have also been inspired by The Tribe to create suites of jewellery from Black Onyx and Sterling Silver beads complemented with 12 different colours of Swarovski crystal; 3 for each of the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air and each individually empowered with the vibration of a Power Spirit Animal - Horse, Coyote, Stag, Swan, Snake, Lynx, Deer, Bear, Bison, Owl, Fox and Otter - available as an 18" (approx.) necklace, earrings and/or bracelet, and each named for one of the Moons of Saturn and Jupiter they are an elegant and understated reminder that The Realms of Spirit walk with us at all times and are collectively known as the Moon Witches.