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Crystal Energy Paintings
Offered by:Anne-Marie Bond <spiritualstars@gmail.com>

CRYSTAL Chakra Energy Paintings

    Individually Hand-Painted
    Strong Powerful Energy
    Great for Therapists
    Beautiful Unique Presents

These amazing, beautiful and unique paintings are created to re-vitalise and re-balance the energy of the home, whilst lifting your mood, confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being. By using the Law of Attraction through Colour and Energy, these paintings are perfect for yourself or therapists and whether they are placed in the home, office, spiritual church or healing centre... Colour HEALS!!

Your unique painting may attract wealth and Good Fortune, Well-Being, Success, Love and better friendships.

Clients Feedback

    "I am so happy with my paintings, they certainly do provide a powerful positive energy within my home. Everyone that visits admires them. Thank you"

    " The pictures on the website don't do justice to the real thing, they are so very beautiful. I love them!

    " When I received my paintings, (I chose the Money ones) I received a job offer a week later...! I am a believer and now going to order the Love ones!"