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Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck
Offered by:Debbie A. Anderson <vibrationalenergywork@gmail.com>

The Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© was created by Debcomes with an 80 page guide book with the definitions on each of the 52 cards. There is also a Five Vibrational Dimensions of the Soul© spread allowing the user to get answers to Universal Truths that they need to acknowledge.

The deck created by Debbie A. Anderson presents down to earth explanations and guidance allowing anyone using them to get life answers on a day-to-day basis. The definitions are “grounded” so will help guide the user towards the direction they need to go at that moment. Sort of like clearing the fog that sometimes surrounds us, helping us to get back in step with our own vibrational energy.

The deck can be purchased online. We are currently seeking retailers outside Canada, so please email us directly.