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Cards: Healing Light and Animal Guides
Offered by:Saleire

The Healing Light, 21-card deck will inspire you to heal your life and find a better way. This deck will be published separately from the book, but you can download both in the coming month. The book (which you can download above) explains how to explore, cleanse, and renew the chakras in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

You have three lots of 7 cards, shuffle them and ask the universe which chakra you need to concentrate on. The first card will show you which chakra to work on, the second one shows you the action needed to cleanse and renew it, and the third card will help you to meditate and find the answer to what is causing the problem.

For those of you who love to work with your animal guides, there is another 23 card deck that will help you understand the meaning of working with such beautiful creatures. You can either pick a particular animal to help you work through an issue, or let the cards pick an animal for you.

So, in all, you would have a 44 card deck to help you heal and progress along your path.

Jumbo sized cards with PDF download of book are available to buy at: Gamecrafter (click here) for $20.99 or 13.23 14cm x 9cm

You can also buy the tarot size (12cm x 7cm) for $18.99 or 11.75 with tuck box.

I am also selling a 2 inch by 3 inch deck direct on my site (click here) which will come with a PDF of the book, a plastic box to keep them safe, three crystals to keep them cleansed and a beautiful mauve crystal necklace to wear while working with them...all for just 20.00 ($31.73) (necklace is worth 3.15 ($5.00) and comes with chain).