Stores of Metaphysical Gifts

Spiritual & Shamanic Items for Prayers, Meditation, Altar Work, Spiritual Protection
Offered by:Sacred Peace Center <info@sacredpeace.org>

The Sacred Peace Center Store offers a range of products and tools for your spiritual work - prayers, protection, altar work, meditation - to assist you with achieving Protection, Prosperity, Harmony and Health.

Our products include:
- Amulets and Talismans
- Ayayote Rattles
- Spiritual Books
- Spiritual Chanting & Mantra Cds
- Deity Posters
- Shamanic Photos
- Incense, Sacred Essences
- Meditation & Activation Oils
- Meditation Shawls
- Prayer Beads
- Ritual Oils & Ritual Powders
- Spiritual Cleansing Kits
- Yantras

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