Stores of Metaphysical Gifts

Crystal Singing Bowls, Healing Wands, Harmonic instruments, Deva's Gift, Color Therapy Orbs, etc.
Offered by:Elivia Melodey's Crystal Vibrations Shop (San Marcos, California)

Products include:
- Chakra Sets of Crystal Bowls
- Crystal Bowls by Note
- Clear & Ultra Light Crystal Bowls
- Hand Held Singing Bowls
- Specialty Bowls
- Optically Clear Singing Bowls
- Crystal Tuning Forks
- Collector's Series Bowls
- Crystal Bowls by Size
- Act of Power Wands, Healing Wands
- Books
- Bowl Accessories
- Color Therapy Lights
- Crystal Vibrations Music & Workshop CDs
- Musical Instruments
- Travel Kits

Also: Music workshops and sound healing seminars.

About Elivia:
Elivia Melodey's Crystal Vibrations Music has evolved since the first singing crystal bowl arrived in Reverend Elivia's life. The crystal bowl was soon joined by others and their sounds became popular as they resonated throughout church services and gatherings around the San Diego area.

Crystal Vibrations Music was officially established in December of 2000 in conjunction with the recording and release of the first compact disk called, Celestial Memories. This music production was quickly followed by the release of two more compact disks, Journey to Wholeness (2002), and Crystal Portal (2004).