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Top Four Yoga Mats for The Traveling Yogi
Offered by:Manmohan Singh <rishikul2016@gmail.com>

In the wake of Capitalism, where an excess supply of every product confuses us to believe that we are in dire need of these modern amenities, stands yoga. The cool breeze emitting from this science is not untouched by the hands of capitalistic ideologies. There are so many companies selling products like yoga towels, mats, bolsters, cushions, belts, or clothing and it is rather difficult to know which is the best for the given moment. There is a separate product for different occasions, locations, and preferences. To tell the long story short, yogis are constantly facing the challenge of picking up the best product to suit their needs.

Then the question arises whether to buy yoga mat online in India or purchase it from a store. Considering all these questions and the constant battle for the best, we have put together a list of yoga mats online shopping in India, which the yogis can buy through the internet that will be suitable for their travel needs.

Jade Yoga Mat : Jade is a well-known brand to buy yoga mat online in India and offers a wide variety of yogic accessories. The travel mat from jade is an eco mat made from natural rubber. The thickness and stickiness are apt for the joints and the weight is around 3 pounds, which makes it easier to carry around as well. The usual thickness is 1/8th inch. The grip for this yoga mat online in India is so good that often Ashtanga yogis are suggested to opt for other mats, as it might be too sticky. The good news is, Jade plants a tree for every mat it sells.

Manduka eKo Superlite Travel Mat: The super lite Manduka Travel yoga mat online shopping in India is a great buy for the traveling yogis as the weight is merely 2 pounds and it is 1.5 mm thick. To your surprise, it is quite sticky and eliminates skid to a great extent. In addition, the close cell design keeps the bacteria at bay. Now, yoga practice is super hygienic and easy, no matter where you are. The biodegradable rubber material is so fine and durable that you can keep it as a legacy gift.

Gaiam Reversible Travel Yoga Mat: The multipurpose mat is so thin and light, you can tuck it in the bag or the suitcase, as you please. Just like its contemporary, the mat weighs 2 pounds and can be a dream come true for a yogi. Sweat resistant, high grip, and natural material are some of the other attributes of this yoga mat online in India. The only drawback, which you cannot gage at the time buying yoga mat online shopping in India is that the mat provides little to no padding and it can be harsh on the knees, especially in the kneeling poses. Also, as you transition from one pose to another in your practice, it can cuddle up at times.

Yoga Mat Ultra light : This company is rather new on the block, but that does not limit it from becoming one of the best yoga mat online shopping in India. The mat comes with the stickiest of fabrics and also, has a natural buckle lock to it, which removes the need of a travel bag. Just like Jade, Yogo is also planting a tree for every mat it sells, such a great time to buy yoga mat online in India, where you get be an environmentalist along with a yogi.

All these four types of yoga mat online shopping in India are a great choice to solve the purpose of owning a light mat, which reduces the hassle of finding a comfortable spot to practice. Simply roll your purchase of yoga mat online in India and start your practice