Development Circles

UK - Hampshire - Havant
By:Havant Spiritualist Church

Open or Beginners Circles:
These are to develop you as an individual, to learn about yourself and who and what you are. They are not designed to make you into an instant clairvoyant or medium. Before we can develop in any way, we have to understand where and who we are. WE have to learn to like ourselves!!

We can and do provide that essential support for you as an individual, as no two persons are the same so there cannot be a one size fits all when we discuss development. We treat everyone as an individual, there are no beginners or experts, we are all just at different points on our Spiritual journey.

About our Church:
We are a very friendly and open church offering the same level of welcome to all, regardless of religion, background, beliefs or creed. You do not have to believe to belong, we try very hard to ensure all are welcome in our church. We always have free tea or coffee after every service so that we can all enjoy an informal and social atmosphere.