Development Circles

UK - West Yorkshire - Keighley
By:Heber Street Spiritualist Church, Keighley

Open Circle: 2nd Thursday of every month.

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History of our Church, the Mother Church of British Spiritualism:
The UK spiritualist movement started in Keighley in 1853. In that year Mr David Richmond of the Shakers Movement of America brought news of spiritual phenomena to Mr David Weatherhead (pictured right) of Keighley. In June of that year three lectures were held at the Working Men's Hall in Keighley. These were given by David Richmond assisted by David Weatherhead.

In 1857 Spiritualists meetings were held at Rushworth's School in Halifax Road, Keighley and more meetings were held at the Working Men's Hall by kind permission of David Weatherhead. Around 1871 there were meetings at the Lyceum Buildings, East Parade, Keighley. These buildings were built by David Weatherhead entirely at his own expense. Whilst at the Lyceum Buildings, larger events used the Working Men's Hall.

In 1897 the society became affiliated to the National Federation that later became the S.N.U.