Development Circles

UK - Bristol - Bradley Stoke
By:Bernie Scott's Freespirit Awareness Centre - Awareness and Development Circles

Are you interested in coming along to one of these circles for your spiritual development?
Would you like to meet up with other like-minded people?
Learn the difference between a psychic and spiritual reading.
Enjoy the stronger energies within meditation.
Have the opportunity to blend and work with your guides.
Discover your psychic and mediumistic abilities.
Learn to develop, explore and discover your own personal power.

This circle is designed to bring you closer to your guides and loved ones in the spirit world with plenty of meditation and practical exercises.

About Bernie:
Not Only does Bernie give readings but she is a qualified Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master. Healing is a very important aspect of her mediumship and she has given healing to not only those in the physical, but also has helped many in spirit to come to terms with certain issues they find hard to let go of.