Development Circles

UK - Surrey - Guildford
By:Anna Taylor <emma@emmamattingley.co.uk>

A monthly Day of Development with Anna Taylor to help you progress on your spiritual and emotional path.

There will be an opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your gifts. The day will include meditation and healing guided and supported by Anna. In meditating through visualisation it is possible to learn a great deal about all aspects of the self; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Anna will teach you how to practice shamanic healing as well as many other disciplines.

Each month will focus on a different theme and as the classes are channelled by Anna, everyone will receive something specifically for him or herself to match their personal needs.

All are welcome to join this class. Both beginners and advanced will benefit from these exciting days of development.

To book your place contact Anna on 07789 741 163 or anna@taylorlightcreates.co.uk

Once your place is booked Anna will email you with details of what to bring for each class.

With love,