Development Circles

UK - Buckinghamshire - Bancroft, Milton Keynes
By:Bancroft Christian Spiritualist Church

The Bancroft Christian Spiritualist Church is a Christian Spiritualist Church, following the wisdom of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe in the love and forgiveness of God, and have faith in the eternal soul and that communication with the spirit world is possible. We only work in light and love and always welcome anyone in, to come and go as they please. Drop in occasionally, periodically or become a regular.

See full Calendar of Development Circles (Open and Advanced). Titles include:
- Your Guides & Meditation
- Medium Training (All Aspects)
- Medium Training (Testing & Resetting)
- Medium Training, (Intuitive & Spiritual)
- Meditation for Out of Body Experiences
- Colour Meditation, (Opening the Chakras)
- Psychometry (Bring a Flower)
- Channelling Guides