Development Circles

UK - London - Romford
By:Natalie J Vickery <njvickery@live.co.uk>

Beginner's development circle is both energetic and comprehensive; an ideal place for those who are interested in spiritual development. One will explore the difference between that of a psychic level, and that of a spiritual level, becoming aware of the two faculties and having an understanding of the mechanics of psychic and spiritual work.One will also endeavour to understand the principles and the concepts of healing.
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Advanced circle, for those with an understanding of spiritual development. On this circle one will focus more on the concepts of clear to the point mediumship, aspects of public work, 1-2-1 readings, the practice of demonstrating, platform presentation, public speaking, ethics, inspired speaking and philosophy. This circle is for those who are willing to go beyond their boundaries within one's work and in regards to the evidence one can attain.

Physical circle intended for those who have experience in sitting for trance mediumship and would like to continue their development in both trance and physical mediumship.

Please contact us for fees and placements. Thank you