Directory of Spiritualist Centers in North America

Massachusetts - Lake Pleasant
By:The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA)

The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA) is a democratic, deistic, reincarnationist, Spiritualist organization.

Several thousand people visit Thompson Temple annually to participate in Sunday services, Psychic Development Circles, Psychic Fairs, classes, workshops (like the "Psychic Criminal Investigation Workshop Series"), and other offerings.

History of Lake Pleasant, where the TNSA is based: The New England Spiritualist Campmeeting Association, formed in Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts in 1874, was incorporated in 1879. Lake Pleasant is the oldest continuously existing Spiritualist center in the United States and in its "glory days" a century ago was also the largest Spiritualist gathering place in the country. Lake Pleasant is one of five villages in the Town of Montague, approximately 90 miles west of Boston.