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London - Middlesex - Hampton Hill (in south-west London)
Center:Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church

Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church is a lively and popular spiritualist church in Hampton Hill in south-west London. We are affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) and, as such, we operate in accordance with the SNU Rules for churches and our religious philosophy is based on the 7 Principles of Spiritualism.

We organise regular church services, all of which include the demonstration of mediumship to prove the survival of the human soul. In addition, we have a thriving Healing Group which offers hands-on spiritualist healing to all who attend our weekly healing night.

Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church was first established in October 1919 as the Hampton Hill Spiritualist Society.

One of the earliest references we have to the first church is in the book "Fifty Years a Medium" by the famous medium Estelle Roberts. We are very privileged to have been the first spiritualist church ever attended by Estelle in about 1921 and it was the messages delivered at Hampton Hill which acted as a catalyst for her work for spirit. Estelle went on to become one of the best mediums of her day and perhaps of all time.

In addition, we are lucky to have had demonstrations and workshops by some excellent contemporary teaching mediums as follows (in alphabetical order):

Tim Abbott
Jean Bassett
Glyn Edwards
Colin Fry
Jill Harland
Mike Hunter
Paul Jacobs
Simon James
Ron Jordan
Brenda Lawrence
Janet Parker
Jean Skinner
Matthew Smith
Tony Stockwell
Marie Taylor
Val Williams
Leonard Young