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Scotland - Edinburgh
Center:Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre was formed to provide for Spiritualist and community needs in Edinburgh and become the new home of Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists. Established in 1901, Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists is the oldest Spiritualist organisation in Edinburgh and the second oldest in Scotland.

Services include:
- Sunday Divine Service of Worship
- Sunday Healing
- Monday Open Awareness Class/Psychic Development Class
- Tuesday Meditation Group
- Wednesday Development Class
- Wednesday Spiritual Healing
- Wednesday Demonstration of Mediumship
- Naming, Marriage & Funeral Services
- Library
- Shop
- Church Tea Room (before and after classes)
- Our Sanctuary is open for prayer and reflection Mon Fri

See List of Activities.

See List of Courses. Titles include Trance Healing, Teacher Training, Advanced Mediumship, Healing Workshops, Intensive Practical Mediumship, Evidential Mediumship, Mediumship and The Language of Colour, Demonstration of Psychic Art, Essential Mediumship, Awareness of Self, etc.

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