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Wales - Swansea
Center:Swansea Spirit <webmaster@swanseaspirit.co.uk>

Greetings and welcome to Swansea Spirit! We used to be called the Centre for Greater Self Awareness and before that, other names too, but as times have changed we feel that our new name better suits what we're about today.

Swansea Spirit has come a long way from the days when we were known as the Swansea Psychic Centre and in that time people have come and gone, times have changed and the popularity of the whole world of Psychics, Mediums, Alternative therapies and popular spirituality has exploded into mainstream culture.

No longer are there only one or two places to go where these things were discussed in hushed tones and secretly. These days it's everywhere, on the television, in cinemas in popular literature and in bookshops. The vast and varied world of alternative thinking is here to stay.

We at Swansea Spirit are part of that world. We've always been guided and influenced by spirit and yet we remain free from any religious denomination, business interests or conversion mission. We are ordinary people who lead regular lives, hold down jobs, careers, have families and make our way through the varied experiences of life just like you.

On the way however, many of us have discovered and experienced the wonderful richness to be gained in working and playing close to "spirit". It's a closeness that can bring joy, comfort, strength, calm, peace and inner security. There is nothing quite like it. It's why we give our time and strength to offering these services. It's our desire to share some of these treasures with you.