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Lancashire - Bury
Center:Bury Spiritual Centre

Services include:
- Monday Healing
- Tuesday Evening of Mediumship
- Thursday Open Circle/Meditation Class
- Saturday Divine Service
- Special Events
- Evenings of Private Readings
- Fairs
- Coffee Mornings

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Short History of the Centre: There has been a Spiritualist Church in Bury since the 1880's but the first written evidence is on certificate No 74 of the Spiritualist lyceum Union dated 1st July 1895. The next piece of the jigsaw is a minute’s book for Bury Spiritualist Society and Progressive Lyceum with the elected Trustee's named in the flysheet and dated 26th September 1910. The Church is now called Bury Spiritual Centre although it is known to many as Bury Spiritualist Church (read more)

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