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Staffordshire - Longton (Stoke-on-Trent)
Center:Longton Spiritualist Church

One of the leading centres for Spiritualism today, with a Traditional history stretching back over one hundred years.

If you visit Longton Church we know that you will find a friendly atmosphere. There is always an Officer or Committee Member of the Church who will be delighted to show you around and answer any questions. If you have a specific enquiry we can help you.

Fanny Higginson served Longton Spiritualist Church for seventy years as a gifted trance medium, giving over one thousand private sittings. Recipients described the evidence given as "life changing".

Gordon Higginson - Fanny Higginson's youngest child - began sitting for spirit at the age of three but was only permitted to communicate with members of his mother's circle when he was ten years old. At twelve years of age Gordon worked with other mediums in some of the largest halls in the country and became very well known. He travelled the world demonstrating his gift, but when at home always appeared at Longton Spiritualist Church. Services were inevitably packed when Gordon appeared.