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West Yorkshire - Huddersfield
Center:Huddersfield Spiritualist Church

Services include:
- Sunday Divine Service with a different visiting medium each week
- Wednesday Healing (at our Findlay Healing Clinic)
- Special Evenings of Mediumship (monthly)
- Weddings, Namings, Funerals

Affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union.

Read a very interesting history of the Church. Excerpts: "On June 21st, 1885 Huddersfield Spiritualists held their first service in a newly acquired Church hall at 3 Brook Street. Mrs. Emma Hardinge Britten was a regular speaker at the services. On April 15th, 1904 the premises were licensed for marriages and the first wedding took place. [After] a Town Centre Re-development Scheme, the new Church at Old Leeds Road was officially opened on May 2nd 1970. Mr. Clark Findlay, of Aberdeen, was desirous of endowing a Healing Sanctuary in the Yorkshire area in memory of his father Mr. John Findlay. He agreed to pay for the cost of the Healing Sanctuary which is in the basement of the Old Leeds Road Church. The title ‘Findlay Healing Clinic’ was agreed upon and Mr. Clark Findlay was present at the Dedication of the Sanctuary by Mr. Gordon Higginson M.S.N.U. on November 21st 1970."