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South Yorkshire - Sheffield
Center:Whitham Road Spiritualist Church

History of the Church: "Whitham Road Spiritualist Church started out as Meersbrook Spiritualist Society and met in Regent Terrace. It was formed on 14th October 1913 so we are in our 98th year [in 2011]. The church moved to its current building at Whitham Road on Sat 29th May 1943. This Church started life as a Swedenborg Church dating back to 1903."

Services include:
- Sunday Divine Service
- Sunday Open Circle
- Saturday Open Circle
- Monday Service and Circle
- Tuesday Specials or Development Group
- Wednesday Spiritual Healing
- Wednesday Open Circle
- Thursday Meditation Group
- Friday Beginners Awareness & Development
- Evenings of Mediumship
- Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals

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