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Hertfordshire - Welwyn Garden City
Center:Welwyn Garden City Spiritualist Church

Services include:
- Sunday Service
- Meditation evenings on Monday and Friday
- Tuesday and Thursday Spiritual Healing
- Development Group (including Meditation, Circles, Channelling, Learning how to Chair, Mediumship, Philosophy)
- Saturday Workshops
- Saturday Demonstration of Mediumship

Interesting History of the Church - Excerpts: "Church was founded on 2nd March 1930 when the first public Sunday service was held. It was a challenging and exciting time with the birth of Welwyn Garden City as a new town and the local pioneers of Spiritualism laying the foundations for the recognition of the beliefs which we are now able to enjoy in freedom. In 1951 we became affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union. Our lovely church was opened on April 17th 1971. "