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Dorset - Poole
Center:Poole Christian Spiritualist Church

We have served the People of Poole and visitors alike for many years prior to moving to our present location in 1976.

The goals of our Church is to provide an atmosphere conducive to the practice of the gifts of Mediumship and Healing, to promote the religion of Spiritualism, and assist, where possible, in enquiries as to our way of Life.

At each of our services, both Sunday and Wednesday, we have in attendance a Medium whom, through the gift of Mediumship, will endeavour to provide evidence of the continuation of the spirit after that which we call Death.

Services include:
- Sunday Service
- Wednesday Service
- Healing Circle
- Clairvoyance
- Evenings of Mediumship
- Healing
- Open Platform (Fledgling Nights)

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