Directory of Spiritualist Centers in the UK and Worldwide

Worldwide: Australia - Victoria - Clayton (south east of Melbourne)

Services offered by this group include:

- Spiritual Healing

- Spiritual/Psychic Development Group

- Spiritual Guidance, Past Lives

- General discussion meetings (monthly) on various topics including Past Lives, Karma, OOBs, Spirit Guides, Prayer, Healing, White Eagle, M.P.D., Mediumship, Cults, Psychic Protection, Night terrors, Spiritualism, Psychic Readings, Exorcism, Ouija, Walk-ins, Psychism or Spirituality?, Channeling, Seth, Aliens, Atlantis, U.F.O.s, C.F.S., etc.

- Rescue (done individually or as a group)

- Seminars on Past Lives, Healing, Mediumship, Psychic Protection etc.

- Mailing List and Books