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Worldwide: Germany - Hannover
Center:House of Spirit Hannover

Over many years teaching psychic and mediumistic development in Europe, Scandinavia and America, Paul Jacobs has helped a number of people create their own spiritual organisation or centre. He is now realising his dream to have an international spiritual centre of his own, a place that truly feels like a spiritual home, whether it is for local people or students travelling from many parts of the world. The House of Spirit is a single floor home built in the early 70ís with its own private gardens. It has been furnished and decorated to meet the needs of students. To provide the right environment for their development but also to create an atmosphere to relax and feel at home. The facilities cover approx 400 metres, with alecture room, a demonstration hall, seminar room, studentsí lounge, healing room, private consultation rooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

Paul is the main tutor on certain courses, whilst other international tutors and mediums will be joining him on other courses. The courses will be held in English but will also be translated into a number of different languages. Paul specialises in training students who have aspirations to become private consultation mediums both on psychic level and with mediumistic evidential spirit contacts. He also trains those wishing to take public demonstrations. Provided in the programme there will also be courses in spiritual healing, trance mediumship, psychism, spirit art and creativity.