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Worldwide: Australia - Victoria - Melbourne
Center:Victorian Spiritualists’ Union Inc

The Victorian Spiritualists’ Union Inc. is recognised as the longest, continuously operating Spiritualist organisation in the world. It carries a long and proud history of promoting Spiritualism in Australia. Many eminent people have served on the executive committee and featured within the membership.

Services include:
- Sunday services
- Teaching groups
- Development classes
- Spiritual healing
- Hosting touring mediums
- Private readings from mediums
- Special events
- Meditation
- Library
- Newsletter.

The Victorian Spiritualists' Union had its beginnings in Melbourne in 1870, when one of the first Spiritualist churches in the world was opened under the name of The Victorian Association of Progressive Spiritualists - VAPS ( later to become the Victorian Association of Spiritualists - VAS). VAPS was founded by William Terry, a prominent bookshop and health store owner, of Collins Street, Melbourne. He was a healer held in high regard by his clients and many of the medical profession who regularly sought his assistance. He was also the editor of the “Harbinger of Light”.