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Center:Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation

The Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation was formally established as a non-profit organisation with a constitution and membership on 29th January, 1995, having operated informally for some 4 years. The WSF is an Associated Body of The Spiritualists' National Union.

The Woodlands Sanctuary Foundationís activities are set in an environment of peace and tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburbia, on 16 hectares of farmland and bush. These are ideal surroundings in which we, and our mentors in the world of spirit, may replicate the teachings of yester-year in the classical era of Spiritualism when the standards of mediumship frequently attained heights very seldom witnessed in this day and age of industrial change, high social activity, pace and noise. The old methods of teaching are still known and it is up to us diligently and dedicatedly apply them in seeking to help students attain the highest possible levels of mediumship and understanding.

WSF offers weekly Evening classes and Weekend workshops, Mediumship camps, Weekend healing camps, Healing and Reiki practice nights.

Other services include The Psypioneer Journal, Library, Newsletters.