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East Sussex - Brighton
Center:Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church and Sanctuary of Healing

Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church's online detailed program includes: Spiritual Healing, Awareness Group, Demonstrations of Mediumship, Sunday Divine Services.

History in a nutshell:
The oral history strongly informs us that likeminded spiritual people have been meeting together for over one hundred years. In 1901 some of these early Spiritualists’ met in a home environment and soon became an established church in 1903. Just before the turn of the century early Spiritualism was a rather an ‘under the counter’ activity. Meetings began to be held more openly and amalgamation of these various little groups formed into larger organisations, one being the Spiritualist Society. In 1925 this Society splintered and some of these smaller groups reformed. 1925, earliest written research to date informs us of Brighton & Hove Central Church. Mr. Gordon Higginson MSNU former President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, a wonderful ambassador for the spirit realms, dedicated this church on 16th December 1978.