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Northamptonshire - Northampton
Center:Northampton National Spiritualist Church

Services include:
- Sunday Services
- Awareness Group and Open Circle including Circle Students' Demonstration
- Closed Development Circles
- Monday and Tuesday Healing (Healing is always given by Qualified Approved Healers of The Spiritualist National Union SNU)
- Wednesday Demonstrations of Mediumship
- Courses
- Private Sittings

Our Church, which is affiliated to the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU), has occupied this building for just over 40 years but has been in existence in the town for at least 105 years.

It is worth noting that on 3rd May 1871, Mrs Emma Hardinge Britten spoke at the Mechanics Institute in Northampton her talk entitled The Ministry of Angels. So Northampton Spiritualists go back a long way!