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Greater Manchester - Stretford
Center:St. Francis Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church

Spirit Communion or Spirit Communication has always existed, and it is given by God for the furtherance of mankind and his spiritual progression. Any major Scripture will have come into existence through the collective use of the gifts of Spirit Communion. All visions, prophecies and inspired teachings are through the utilisation of talents which go to make up the often misunderstood spiritual gifts of mediumship.

The St. Francis Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church is an affiliated church of the Greater World Spiritual Healing Fellowship and offer a two year Spiritual Healing course. We have certificated G.W.S.H.F. Spiritual Healers.

As ‘Awareness’ Classes are a fundamental and an essential part of any healer/medium’s spiritual development & training, these classes will be available to anyone interested.

Services include:
- Monday - Spiritual Healing Service
- Wednesday - Clairvoyant Service
- Friday - ‘Awareness classes’
- Saturday - Open Circle
- Sunday - Divine Service