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East Sussex - Brighton - Shoreham by Sea
Center:The Healing Light Spiritual Centre <dwoo745786@aol.com>

The Healing Light Spiritual Centre

• Monthly demonstrations featuring the countries leading mediums.

• Free Sunday demonstration and Spiritual Healing every month.

• Workshops.

• Annual residential seminar at a three star hotel.

Our sole purpose is to promote the best possible demonstrations of mediumship, within our budget (as a ‘not for profit’ centre), that provides evidence that an aspect of ourselves survives death. We have no desire to convince anyone of this survival. It is up to the evidence, provided by our mediums, to speak for itself and the recipient of any message to make up their own mind as to its validity. All we do is provide our audience with an opportunity to come and see some of the best mediums around.

Friday Demonstrations
The Friday demonstrations are not a religious service, (although some mediums may choose to open and close in prayer and this is respected) but a celebration full of learning, laughter, amazement and fun that brings joy and understanding to all. Even if you do not personally receive a message, our hope is that you are inspired by what you have seen and that you can take something positive and uplifting away with you. We are delighted to be able to present before the public such well known names as Tony Stockwell, Darren Brittain and Colin Bates on a regular basis together with providing a showcase for the best new talent around. These demonstrations are usually held on the second Friday of each month at 7.30pm, but please check our programme before coming.

Training Workshops
Our engaging and inspirational psychic and mediumistic development workshops under the tutelage of the best teachers in their field are tailored towards those taking their first fundamental steps, up to the more advanced student (or to those who are already working mediums) by providing them with the right tools with which to develop their full potential by building confidence and use of best practice.

Sunday Demonstrations
We hold a demonstration on the first Sunday of each month at 11am which consists of a 40 minute demonstration by one of our local mediums. All are welcome to attend and entry is free although donations are always welcome to cover costs. Healing is also available after the meeting for those in need.

Charity and Community Work.
The Healing Light Spiritual Centre holds an annual fund raising demonstration for charitable or other worthy causes in 2010, with the help of Medium Marlene Woolgar and our supporters, we raised £1,300 towards sending a little girl suffering from Diplegia Cerebral Palsy for life changing treatment in the USA. In 2011 Marlene has kindly agreed donate her services again as our medium for our July fund raiser in support of Sussex Air Ambulance raising almost £1,000 and again 100% of the money generated from this event and collection boxes will go direct to the charity.

The Milward Court Day Centre. Wilmot Road, Shoreham – by – Sea. BN43 6BU.
The hall has excellent facilities for the less able and on street parking is available.

Mrs. Cherry O’Sullivan. 01273-422892 email cherryscooby@hotmail.co.uk
If you would like to be kept up to date with what’s on ask to go on our email members list by sending your name to dwoo745786@aol.com putting “Mailing list update” in the subject line.

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