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Please God Why? Ego and Spirit - The Conflict
Author:Lionel Owen
Date: 31 July 2009

Why is life so unfair? Why is one person born destitute whereas another is wealthy and privileged? Why are some people physically or mentally handicapped? Why is society so full of violence, hatred and mistrust? Why is there so much religious and racial intolerance? Why are scientists so revered? Why are our political systems so corrupt? Where is God? The questions abound and this volume tackles them all but it doesn’t stop there. It goes on to explain there is a better way if we only have the courage to take it.

You want to know more about mysticism, meditation, the power of the spirit, the spiritual path, life after death, mediums and their gifts, the holistic approach to life? This is the book for you.

This book should find a permanent place on the bookshelves of all reasoning people, even the most cynical. For those at their wits end who are crying out “Please God Why?” it provides a beacon of hope.

About the author:

I was born in England between two world wars, have seen huge advances in technology but not many in human spiritual understanding and live in Brasil. Fascinated by words, I love reading poetry and different types of books. I guess this is why I became a writer. Music is a great love. Mozart and the great classical composers are my favourites but I also enjoy pop and indigenous music like Samba and Tango.

I am a life-long Spiritualist – the fascinating story of how my grandfather became a Spiritualist will appear in my blog one day – and so have always believed in eternal life.

Encouraged to develop as a medium quite early, I have been fortunate to work all over the world sharing my mediumship and trying to teach others to develop theirs. Many well known mediums have helped me and are my friends and teachers.

I have taught at Britain’s so called “University of Spiritualism”, the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science and was President of The International Spiritualist Federation for nine years. I have published two books, both on spiritual subjects – Details are on my website spiritteach.net.