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Journey of the Soul - A Learning Experience You Will Never Forget (CD)
Author:Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis
Date: 21 July 2009

From the Garden of Eden, to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, through the mystery schools of Greece, reawakened by nineteenth century new thought, and brought to you, today, in a world desperately in need of some answers, the Journey of the Soul speaks to you and to your Spirit!

There is plan, there is purpose, and there is meaning to you and to your life -- on earth and in Spirit. Now, You Can Know!

This amazing course of study and experience, compiled and written by Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis, follows the journey of your soul through physical death, through all the phases of the Spirit life, and back into a new earthly incarnation. In this, the course examines:

- The planes of life and how you interact upon them, now and in the future.
- Reaching your soul's full spiritual potential.
- Life after Death.
- Our relationship to God, to each other, and to Spirit.
- The incredible tool of the mind.
- Psychic phenomena and Mediumship.
- The aura and chakras.
- Karma and reincarnation.
- Birth and death.
- Human evolution and spiritual initiation.

The course ends with an amazing look at how the soul prepares for a new earthly life and what happens during the nine-month period when the body is being fashioned within the mother's womb (an incredible experience in itself).