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Empowering Your Life with Angels
Author:Reverend Rita S. Berkowitz, with Deborah S. Romaine
Date: 15 July 2009

Angels are all around, whether or not you are aware of their presence. They are here to support, guide, comfort, inspire, protect, and encourage. Angels are your connection with the Divine, helping you grow and evolve in important ways. Empowering Your Life with Angels shows how to connect with your angels—and benefit from their remarkable powers.

Each chapter features exercises and meditations to help you get in touch with your angels and experience them in every aspect of your life. You’ll learn how to communicate with your angels and interpret their messages—as well as thank them for all they do for you.

You’ll also learn how to create your own personal set of angel communication cards to help you focus on and clarify your angelic contacts. Find out who your angels are—and how they can help you find joy, love, understanding, forgiveness, and happiness.

In addition:
• Soothe and heal yourself with chakra energy
• Express calm and harmony with chant and yoga
• Feel support and guidance with the angels of the days and months

Rita S. Berkowitz is an ordained minister in the Spiritualist Church and has a Master of Science degree in
psychological counseling. She is a Commissioned Healer, a Certified Medium, and a gifted artist whose work
has touched the lives of countless people throughout the world and illustrates this book.

Deborah S. Romaine is the author of many books on health, lifestyle, and holistic topics, including titles in
The Intuitive Arts series and The Complete Idiot’s Guide® series. Rita S. Berkowitz and Deborah S. Romaine are coauthors of The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Communicating with Spirits.