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The Ariana Series: Be the Light, Becoming the Light, Fighting Darkness
Author:Joan Scibienski <joneescibienski@gmail.com>
Date: 23 August 2016

Every Human Holds the Secret of the Universe…the Survival of the World Depends on Unlocking that Power.

For as long as she can remember, Ariana Abrams has felt the presence of loving spirits around her. Invisible to everyone else, she hears their thoughts and feels their love. They are her teachers, friends, and protectors who kept her alive during an abusive childhood. Deciding to put distance between herself and her violent family, Ariana moves to the desert of Arizona to attend college. Determined to heal the wounds of her childhood, she seeks help from a counselor at her new university. Taking her counselor’s advice, she joins a therapy group full of people her own age. There she discovers seven new friends who will give her the love and companionship she has never known.

This is no ordinary group of teenagers. Each one of them has unlocked psychic abilities that are at first frightening. With the support of each other and spiritual teachers in this realm and others, they learn the importance of their power and the need to share their knowledge with the world. Their powers force them to truly see the world’s problems: fear, judgment, hate, violence. Their spiritual skills emanate from a source of absolute love. Yet powerful negative forces threaten to stop them. Their survival depends on developing their inner power and teaching others to do the same. In fact, the survival of the world may depend on it...

In this series of three novels, challenging spiritual messages are explored. The conclusion aims to help anyone with an interest in metaphysics, to understand and develop psychic abilities, the ultimate goal being the protection of our precious planet. Deep answers to many of life’s most difficult questions are addressed in this uniquely special series.

If the 'activation' and shifting energies have left you confused, disoriented or afraid, these books can help you to understand your purpose and provide techniques for a smoother transition.