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Haunted by Past Lives
Author:Sarah Truman <sarahtruman15@gmail.com>
Date: 12 July 2016

Do we live many lives? Do we have to return to the Earth over and over in order to learn our lessons better or "pay the debts of our karma"? It can be an uncomfortable thought. Most of us live our lives here as best we can, knowing the truth of such beliefs can never be proven... or can it?

When Tom Bailey began to experience vivid and dramatic dreams, apparently about a life in eighteenth century England during which a deeply disturbing murder took place, such was the detail of his "memories" that they just had to be investigated. Thus it was that he and his partner Sarah Truman embarked upon historical researches that were remarkably thorough, blending psychic insights with hard academic work, to the point where the truth of past lives seems to be the inevitable, simplest explanation.

But they were neither prepared nor equipped for what they were uncovering. As the quest developed, they unwittingly lifted the lid on dramatic supernatural phenomena that led to terrifying attacks upon the author.

Haunted by Past Lives